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You might be wondering is a pellet smoker worth it? Pellet smokers have a range advantages over traditional grills and smokers, but this doesn’t mean they are perfect — far from it. They can provide you with an easy and reliable cooking experience, as well as a versatile one. But they also are dependent on electricity, and they often come at a much higher price than charcoal or gas grills.

In this article, we take a look at pellet smokers. We will provide advantages and disadvantages, and offer the necessary information so you can be informed before you decide to buy a pellet smoker.

Is a Pellet Smoker Worth It?

We chose a number of categories to judge pellet smokers upon, and with them, we can figure out if pellet smokers are worth it or not.


Pellet smokers commonly are pricier than propane or charcoal grills, and there is also an added cost for the wood pellets, but they are quite efficient and affordable.

Depending on what features are present in the smoker, along with the manufacturer, the price ranges from a few hundred dollars up to $4,000, which is not for everybody’s pocket. Also, the cheaper ones perform well, but they obviously are not as feature-rich, large or sturdy as the pricier ones.


The wood pellets offer an incredibly deep and smoky flavor to your meat and vegetables. The cooking is done indirectly so that you won’t get those distinct grill marks on your meat, but the smoky flavor is absolutely worth it.

Also, wood pellets come in a number of different flavors, such as bourbon or cherry, and they can further enhance the taste of your meals. These flavored wood pellets can also be mixed to produce your desired flavor.

They are smokers, after all, but a good thing to keep in mind is that pellet grills do not produce as much smoke when the temperature is higher than 250°F. Although the smoky taste is great, it is not as strong or deep as charcoal smokers can produce; however, an added benefit of these pellet grills is that they are very versatile.


You can cook in an incredible number of ways in a pellet smoker. You can roast your meat, bake, smoke, grill or BBQ them, as well as braise your meals. They are incredibly versatile and also easy to use.

Ease of Use

They feature a digital controller which you can use to set a desired temperature, and then, effectively forget about it. You can preset your temperature, and the grill supplies the main cooking chamber with as much or as few pellets as necessary to keep the temperature optimal.

Some higher-end pellet grills also feature Bluetooth connectivity, which can connect to your smartphone, and send notifications and information directly to your phone, such as temperature, time remaining until cooked. Usually they feature temperature probes which you insert into the meat, so you can also monitor the temperature of your meat.

They are very easy to use, and they can produce a perfect grill a lot of the time, but of course, you want to go on trips and grill a delicious steak, so let’s see how portable they are.

Is a Pellet Smoker Worth It


There are some pellet grills that are compact, but most of them take up quite some space. In this category, wood pellet grills do not perform very well due to their dependency on electricity.

Wood pellet grills do not work if they are not connected to a power supply, so this considerably reduces their portability. The only way you can take it with you somewhere is to pack a generator or an inverter, or similar machinery.

They are also heavy and bulky, which makes them more suitable for a reliable backyard grill than a grill on the go. Either way, with so many different cooking methods that pellet grills provide, this is an excellent addition to any grill master.


We all love grills, but are they healthy?

Wood pellet grills work in a similar way as an oven, but with the added benefit of that smoky flavor. Usually, we hear that burned food, or food that is rich in fat is bad for us, and that is absolutely true.

Those grill marks on your meats when you grill them on a traditional grill is very likely to contain carcinogens. They are the chemicals that come off food after they are cooked at elevated temperatures.

Carcinogens form on the outside of your food when you burn them, and they also stick to your meat due to the ash generated by a charcoal grill; they are quite harmful to your health.

Carcinogens can interfere with the process of division that your cells undergo by damaging the DNA. Most mutations are harmless, but if a mutation occurs to a specific gene that controls the limited number of divisions your cells are capable of, that cell begins to divide uncontrollably, resulting in cancer.

There is no specific research on this topic, but it is commonly believed that wood pellet grills do not produce carcinogens, and the wood itself does not produce as many harmful substances as regular grills, which increase the likelihood of them being healthier.


Overall, pellet smokers can provide you with a lot of versatility in the method of cooking you choose. And due to the digital controller, they are also quite easy to use.

They provide a deep, smoky flavor to your meals, although not as powerful as charcoal grills, and they can also be healthier than charcoal or gas grills.

These grills are commonly pricier than other grills, depending on the manufacturer, as well as their features. Pellet smokers are also not very portable because they are dependent on electricity to work, so if you want a trip-friendly grill, a traditional grill is better.

If you want a fantastic and easy-to-use grill, that will amaze your family and friends with your cooking skills, a pellet smoker is exactly what you need.

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