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izza is special food. It’s loved by all ages and open to all flavors. It can be fast and comforting or elevated to truly haute cuisine. Homemade or delivery, eat-in or carry-out, almost all of us have pizza memories and pizza favorites. 
Maybe you’ve had those shatteringly crisp, ultra-fresh pizzas slid through a glowing wood-fired oven while you waited in line to pay.

Out the pizzas come, a mound of loose raw ingredients transformed into a pool of melty cheese and seared toppings. 
Did you know you can make this kind of artisan ‘za at home? Your grill is just waiting to take your pizza game to the next level. Your guests will be impressed and we think you will, too. Get prepared with our round-up of the 5 best pizza stones for grills. We’ll be comparing pizza stones from CastElegance, ROCKSHEAT, UNICOOK, Pizzacraft, and Culinary Couture.

Why you Should Grill your Pizza

The number one reason to grill pizza is that it tastes amazing. The crust gets a crispy crunch and cooking with real flame lends a rustic, smoky taste that mimics those wood-fired ovens at fancy pizza spots. 

Second, you can get yourself these pizza perks without a ton of labor. Keeping a few tips and tricks in mind makes hot and fresh grilled pizza very easy. It’s a novel and fun way to feed a crowd or prepare something unexpected for a backyard summer dinner. Maybe with a few candles and someone special? 

Furthermore, if the mercury is climbing, it gets you out of the kitchen and spares you from cranking your oven up to 450°F. There are days in August when that’s worth the price of admission alone!

Pizza Grilling Tips

Make your own dough. Sure, there are plenty of pre-made doughs around, and many of them are alright in a pinch. But pizza dough really is a very simple bread and learning it is worthwhile for “I made it all myself” bragging rights alone. You can whip up a big batch sometime when you have a spare minute, freeze it in portions, then all you have to do is thaw it day-of. Which you’d be doing if you bought grocery store dough, anyway. 

Heat everything thoroughly. Those restaurant ovens are crazy hot, with some cooking up your pie in as little as 90 seconds. You want your pizza going into a hot environment and onto a hot, clean surface. This keeps the dough from sticking and makes sure everything cooks through.

Stay organized. High-heat cooking means you need to work fast. You should have your ingredients ready to go, space on your grill to shift from direct to indirect cooking, and a spot for the pizza to land when you pull it out. 

Use a pizza stone. Pizza stones are easy to handle, absorb moisture, and distribute the heat evenly across the bottom of the crust. The result is crispy deliciousness without having to worry so much about burned patches. Preheat your pizza stone with your grill. It should be blazin’ hot when your pie hits it and shocking the stone with a rapid change of temperature can cause damage. 

Cook in two steps. Start with your pizza over the direct heat on one side of your grill. When the crust begins to brown, slide it away from the flame. This way, indirect heat finishes cooking the toppings through. The whole process is quick, so keep an eye on it. 

Finally, don’t get discouraged if you miss the mark a couple of times! Learning the timing that matches your grill and tastes is well worth a couple of burned crusts in the beginning. Pizza is a crowd-pleaser and an awesome mix-up for feeding your grill-out crew. 

The Best Pizza Stones for Grills

CastElegance Pizza StoneCastElegance Pizza Stone

Many pizza stones look alike. CastElegance has developed an improvement on the classic high-heat pizza stone material called cordierite. Their proprietary material, called Thermarite, is heated to over 2,000°F in manufacturing to give it unparalleled strength and resistance to thermal shock cracking. This high temperature also vaporizes any volatile material, meaning no funky smell when you heat it at home.

This stone is a 14-inch round with a thickness of 0.6 inches. It weighs 5.66 pounds.


The ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone is rectangular with built-in handles on both sides so you can easily lift it from any surface. It’s roomy and easy to handle and made of durable food-grade cordierite. 
The stone measures 12 inches by 15 inches and weighs 7.1 pounds. A larger size is also available from the company.

UNICOOK Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling StoneUNICOOK Heavy Duty Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone

Another rectangular stone, the Pizza Grilling Stone from UNICOOK is ready to turn out your crispy homemade creations. This stone is cordierite, providing excellent heat distribution and a porous surface that draws moisture away from the crust’s surface. 
UNICOOK’s stone measures 14.9 inches by 11.8 inches and is ⅝ inch thick. It weighs 6.6 pounds.

Pizzacraft Rectangular ThermaBond Pizza StonePizzacraft Rectangular ThermaBond Pizza Stone

Pizzacraft’s rectangular stone is a great choice for people who will be cooking up multiple pizzas at a time. It’s big and roomy and made to an exacting standard of quality. The special ThermaBond manufacturing process ensures that the stone can stand up to the high heat of a grill.
The stone measures 20 inches by 13.5 inches. It’s 0.7 inches thick and weighs almost 11 pounds.

Culinary Couture Pizza Stone for Grill and OvenCulinary Couture Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven

Culinary Couture has developed a pizza stone for those really looking for extra heat retention. This hefty ¾ inch, 9-pound stone is thicker than many others, increasing the amount of heat it can absorb. The 15-inch round is spacious enough for a big pizza. 

Ultimate Pizza Upgrade

We hope you’re as ready as we are to get out there and grill up some artisan-quality pizza. The Thermarite stone from CastElegance is a reliable, tough stone that performs great in the high heat of a grill. With a tool like this, you can whip up restaurant-quality pizza right in your backyard. Greasy takeout and soggy slices from the freezer will be a thing of the past!

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